Transforming the Workplace: Modern Offices for Business Success

Today’s office design is adapting to a new generation of work where a blend of... Read More

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Premier Construction and Design's Vibrant May Palette of the Month

Farmington Hills, MI (May 11th, 2024) As summer approaches, Premier Construction and Design unveils its... Read More

Friedman Real Estate Champions Waterfront Conservation Efforts with 460.7-Pound Trash Cleanup

(May 9th, 2024) - Friedman Real Estate's team recently undertook a cleanup initiative in the... Read More

SF Capital Group: Your Partner in Owner Occupied Financing

Farmington Hills, MI - (May 8th, 2024) Are you aware that SF Capital Group extends... Read More

Friedman Real Estate: A Key Player in Detroit’s Central Business District

Farmington Hills, MI - (April 26, 2024) A decade after its historic bankruptcy, Detroit stands... Read More

5 Ways to Design an Office to Support Wellness (Without Creating a Fitness Room)

Farmington Hills, MI - (April 23, 2024) The idea of supporting wellness in the workplace has... Read More

Adapting to the Changing Office Environment

Farmington Hills, MI - (April 15, 2024) Magna and Premier Construction & Design have yet... Read More

Friedman Communities Welcomes The Loop On Greenfield Apartments to its Multi-family Portfolio

Farmington Hills, MI - (March 29, 2024) We are thrilled to announce that The Loop... Read More

What is Space Programming?

Farmington Hills, MI - (March 25, 2024) When you hear the word “programming,” what’s the... Read More

Friedman Real Estate's Jared McNutt and Shane Smith Sell a 7,000 SF Napa Auto Parts in West Allis, WI

Farmington Hills, MI – (March 22, 2024) Friedman real Estate's Jared McNutt and Shane Smith recently completed... Read More

Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Office

Farmington Hills, MI - (March 22, 2024) One of the biggest trends affecting office design... Read More

Friedman Communities Expands its Portfolio with Colony Club Apartments in Bedford, OH

Farmington Hills, MI (March 16th, 2024) - We are thrilled to announce the latest addition... Read More